DECT gives security and peace of mind at the nursing home

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Text by journalist Carsten Tolbøll

Photos by Ole Mortensen and Börje Gustavsson.

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DECT gives security and peace of mind at the nursing home


The Toftevang Nursing Home in Ebeltoft changed pull cords to push buttons and cordless telephones

We used to have pull cords with bells and blinking lamps. It was an eternal stress factor because time was wasted finding out which of the residents had called. The DECT telephones have given security to the residents and peace of mind at the nursing home. We, the employees, no longer shout to each other down the halls. We can talk together nice and quietly on our cordless telephones.’

So says Vibeke Winther Jensen, day supervisor at the Toftevang Nursing Home in Ebeltoft. In May 1997, the nursing home was the first in Denmark to have a DECT telephone system installed, produced by KIRK telecom A/S and supplied by Tele Danmark Process. The system operates partly as a call system, where the residents can contact the staff by pushing a button, and partly as internal and external telephone system for the staff.

Push once

‘We started by using the handsets for a month to allow all employees to become acquainted with the various functions. Then the residents were hooked up. They were given a bracelet or a necklace with a push-button. In the beginning they had to get used to the lack of sound when they called us. Today they all know that they just need to push once, and we’ll be there. The system tells us who called,’ says Vibeke Winther Jensen.

Toftevang has 52 residents in a building with dispersed units and long corridors. The DECT system has not only increased communication, it has also halved the number of calls because the inmates used to pull the strings several times, knowing full well that a considerable time would elapse before anybody reacted.

‘More than once we experienced the unfortunate situation that a resident had fallen in the bathroom and had to lie there all night because he or she could not reach the string. Now help is always at hand. Many of the residents keep the bracelet or necklace on when they go to bed and this gives them peace of mind,’ says the nursing home supervisor.

The DECT system also meets a need where residents suffering from senile dementia are issued a small electronic gadget which tells the staff exactly where he or she is.

‘It is so small that it can fit in a shoe. Currently none of our residents with senile dementia go outside of the home on their own, but the next time we receive such a resident, we can keep an eye on him or her without the resident feeling under surveillance,’ says Vibeke Winther Jensen.

C-1000 Ten Brink supermarket, Holland:

Dutch company chooses a DECT telephone system
‘We have had a DECT telephone system for almost three years. Three weeks ago we changed to a KIRK telecom A/S system recommended by our supplier. The system has now been expanded to four base stations with eight handsets carried by the department managers. If a customer needs the service of an employee who is not there, they can use the telephones hanging in the shop. The department manager can answer their questions even if he is somewhere else in the building. We are very satisfied with the system and are already considering purchasing an extra base station to cover the sales area in the front of the shop.’

Edwin Ten Brink, Owner.

Örebro Kartonbruk AB Sweden:

Swedish company chooses a DECT telephone system
‘We produce fronts and backs for plaster boards, where the raw material is recycled cardboard and paper. This kind of production requires a lot of space and our employees need to be very mobile. Six months ago we invested in a KIRK telecom DECT system supplied by their Swedish distributor AlphaCall. Today 20 of our machine supervisors, electricians and operators are equipped with cordless telephones. We make a large number of internal calls here and they are free. DECT is a big step forward compared to before where we had to make do with a few stationary telephones. The system works well and the battery capacity of the handsets is impressive.’

Stig Lundquist, Personnel Manager.


Dutch company chooses a DECT telephone system
‘Here at the town hall 12 employees have been equipped with DECT telephones from KIRK telecom A/S for several months. We have put up four base stations that cover the entire town hall, which is 300 metres long. Reeuwijk is a town with 12,000 inhabitants and it has now become easier for them to call through the switchboard and get in touch with the employee to whom they would like to talk to. If the person in question is not available, they can listen to and leave messages on the individual answering machines. The employees who now have a DECT telephone have almost done away with their stationary desk telephones and we are seriously considering enlarging the system to 24 handsets. DECT telephone systems are an affordable solution and KIRK telecom A/S were the most advantageous supplier when both price and quality were taken into consideration.’

P. van Engelen, Purchasing Manager, Municipality of Reeuwijk.

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